The digital assistant for people with headache and their neurologist

MigraineManager enables better patient
outcomes and improves care efficiency

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A complete digital solution for people with headache and neurologists

  • A mobile app for patients to register attacks, side effects and medication. MigraineManager also helps to prepare your next consultation
  • A web dashboard for neurologists where patient data is visualized. Your patient is coming more prepared to the consultation

MigraineManager system gives more understanding to patients and provides more information to neurologists. The goal is to assist the neurologist in achieving better patient outcomes and improving care “efficiency”.

For Patients

Take control over your headache

For Neurologists

Unveil your patients’ headaches

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Receive more information, better visualized

Thanks to a structured, interactive & actionable web dashboard, as well as a prepared patient, MigraineManager helps you reach time-efficient future-oriented appointments focusing on high impact activities.

For neurologists


For patients

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Understand your headache

The MigraineManager assistant aims to bring you more autonomy and better quality of life. With the application, you can track attacks, side effects and get reminders to take your medecine.

MigraineManager has been developed in close collaboration with neurologists and people with headache.

Laurence M.

“ When tracking my epilepsy, I understand and see the impact of the treatments on my quality of life. The ability to quickly add information in an application is much easier than paper seizure diaries ”

They use Helpilepsy

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They use Helpilepsy

H.-Hartziekenhuis Lier

H.-Hartziekenhuis Lier

Dr. Dedeken, Neurologist

“ In one go, I have a complete and coherent overview of the seizures, treatment and side effects of my patients, which leads to much better understanding and more confident decision-making on treatment choices ”

Start using Migrainemanager now to take control of your headhache

For patients

For neurologists